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Company Profile

Shanghai Ruiju is a professional manufacturer of aluminium products, established in April 2001 and located in Qingpu District. We have self-owned brand "RUIJU" and integrates R&D, design, manufacture and marketing as a whole. 

Our main products vary from ladders, scaffolding, mobile work platforms, to trolleys and they are widely used in engineering, fire control, electric power, the enterprises and families. Ruiju also supply customized ladders/platforms for corollary equipment, plant maintenance, deep machining parts and precision manufacturing business.

Our annual production for ladders reaches over 300,000pcs and scaffoldings/frameworks over 10000sets. Now Ruiju's domestic business mainly focus on large chain supermarkets and international trading in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Australia & NZ, Europe and etc. 

Quality Policy

We obtained ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate with regular items all passing strict tests through GB12142-2007, and passed Business Social Compliance Initiative Audit by SGS Auditing Company. Some exported products are producted and tested according to international standards like Australian and New Zealand AS/NZS standard, European EN standard, American ANSI standard with certification issued by SGS/TUV etc. testing agency

Continuous Improvement

In order to perpetuate our public opinion as innovative and qualified, Ruiju renews itself day by day to meet changing consumer demands and diffrentiate it from its competitors.

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Add:No.89 Lane 455 Jiasong  

Middle Road Qingpu District,


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