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Warehouse Ladder
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Warehouse Ladder

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Product parameters
  • YQCKT-:YQCKT-1040
  • YQCKT-:YQCKT-1300
  • YQCKT-:YQCKT-1560
  • YQCKT-:YQCKT-1820
  • YQCKT-:YQCKT-2080
  • YQCKT-:YQCKT-2340
  • YQCKT-:YQCKT-2600
product description


Foldable Work Platform

  • Can be easily folded up and opened out, just right for a warehouse area.
  • Available in seven sizes with different working heights up to 4.6m.
  • The rails are made of aluminium and easy to assemble.
  • 80mm deep footsteps for increased stability and safety when going up and down.


Model YQCKT-1040 YQCKT-1300 YQCKT-1560 YQCKT-1820 YQCKT-2080 YQCKT-2340 YQCKT-2600
Steps 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Handrail Height/A 910mm 910mm 910mm 910mm 910mm 910mm 910mm
Platform Height/B 1040mm 1300mm 1560mm 1820mm 2080mm 2340mm 2600mm
Bottom Width/C 814mm 814mm 1014mm 1014mm 1214mm 1214mm 1214mm
Ladder Depth/D 1099mm 1278mm 1606mm 1786mm 1965mm 1997mm 2176mm
Ladder Length/E 2177.5mm 2458mm 2738.5mm 3019mm 3299.5mm 3580mm 3860.5mm
Fold Thickness/F 430mm 430mm 430mm 430mm 430mm 430mm 430mm
Weight 17.5kg 19kg 21kg 23.2kg 25kg 26.8kg 28.7kg
20''(pcs) 153 132 116 108 97 91 83
40''(pcs) 358 309 272 252 227 213 194


Are you a factory or trading company?
Shanghai Ruiju is a professional manufacturer of aluminium/fiberglass climbing products.

Do you have any certifications?
Yes,our regular items all pass strict tests through National Compulsory Standrards. Exported products are produced and tested according to international standards EN, AS/NZS, ANSI and etc.

How can I get samples?
Please contact us by Email(jenny.liu@ruiju.com/ben.cai@ruiju.com) and tell us your requirements.

Whats is the MOQ?
Normally a full container load, LCL is also accepted if customers agrees standard package.

Do you provide OEM/ODM service?
Yes,we do. All most all of our products are made according to our clients' designs. We offer OEM/ODM service for 20 years.

Where is your factory located?
We are located in Shanghai,kindly visit us if possible.

What's the difference between you and other manufacturer?
Everything we do is based on safety and quality. 
Every fitting, every material and every solution has been examined in the minutest detail and carfully designed to ensure your safety. 
We have a group of skilled engineers, technicians and production of high-quality staff, a sound and stringent process practices and IPQC system. 
All our products are subjected to regular testing by third party in accordance with current standards. We also regular perform our own tests to make sure our products qualified.

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Middle Road Qingpu District,


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